Agile Services

Whether you are just getting started with Agile development or learning how to apply Agile practices to an entire enterprise, Hyperdrive offers comprehensive training and consulting services for creating the Agile organization.

Enterprise Agile Transformation

Hyperdrive has a proven approach to ensure your Agile success and move your organization toward true innovation. Whether your organization’s goal is to increase productivity, reduce defects, improve time-to-market or enhance customer satisfaction, we partner with you to co-create a plan for your Enterprise Agile Transformation that includes clear measures for success and a roadmap to adoption. Our extensive experience includes enterprise-wide transformations for Fortune 500 companies and other large organizations, along with coaching for 500+ teams.

Innovation Lab

It’s time to adopt creative, analytical, and collaboration practices that bring your innovations to market faster. We believe that innovation is created through the combination of business opportunity, technology viability, and human values interaction to bring out the best of design. Our experienced coaches will mentor your team to develop an innovation lab that leverages lean thinking with agile execution.

Agile Coaching

We provide Agile Coaching from industry experts to transform your teams in applying leadership values, practices, and mindfulness to create a truly Agile mindset.  Our coaches are experts in Scrum and Kanban methods having coached hundreds of teams we’ll help your organization accelerate its knowledge of adopting and scaling Agility with your teams. Our Agile Coaches will observe your environment then provide you a roadmap of how you can improve.


DevOps are practices and culture that emphasize the collaboration and communication of business and technology professionals.  Our team will work with your organization to automate the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. We’ll also help your teams establish a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software, can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.

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Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe™)

Hyperdrive is a partner with Scaled Agile, Inc. and with our staff trained experts in implementing the Scaled Agile Framework® (also known as SAFe™). We have led enterprises with joint Release Planning for groups of over 20 teams. We can help your enterprise launch “Quick Starts” as well perform public/ private training for your Delivery Teams, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Leaders.

What is the Framework?

SAFe™ is an interactive knowledge base for implementing agile practices at enterprise scale. The Big Picture graphic highlights the individual roles, teams, activities and artifacts necessary to scale agile from the team to program to the enterprise level. Clicking on each icon takes the user to an Abstract and a Detail page which elaborates on that element. Some elements (like Metrics) bring up additional sub-domains with navigation to further depth and description.

The framework has been successfully applied in programs of only 50-100 people, and in enterprises employing thousands of software developers. We hope it will work for you, too.

Why it Matters

Our modern world runs on software. In order to keep pace, we practitioners must build increasingly complex and sophisticated software systems. Doing so requires larger teams and continuously rethinking the methods and practices – part art, science, engineering, mathematics, social science – that we use to organize and manage these important activities. The Scaled Agile Framework represents one such set of advances.

We offer it here in public facing form, so that every practitioner, team, program and enterprise can enjoy the benefits of delivering ever better software at an ever faster pace. Your users will surely appreciate the benefits, too, because better software makes the world a better place.

The Evolution of the Framework

The original concepts behind the framework were elaborated primarily in Dean Leffingwell’s books, Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements for Teams Programs and the Enterprise (2011) and Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises, (2007), as well as his blog.

With three major updates to its methodology from 2012 to 2014, it has grown with the marketplace, and continues to be a work in process. Future versions of the framework will reflect our commitment to developing enhancements that have presented themselves as the marketplace, our thinking, and our experience with Lean-Agile best practices have matured.

Collaborators from nearly every corner of the globe and every industry have contributed to the Framework, making it what it is today: a scalable system of software development best practices that has been vetted by some of the largest organizations in the world. Extensive case studies have proven its effectiveness in delivering business results:

  • Increase in employee engagement
  • 20–50% increase in productivity
  • 30–75% faster time to market
  • 50%+ defect reduction

Agile Tools

Three “Agile Lifecycle Management” (ALM) tools that we specialize in include Rally, VersionOne, and JIRA. Hyperdrive can help you configure and customize these systems so that your teams can work efficiently.

Agile teams often begin tracking their projects using the ease and simplicity of a wall as an Agile Board along with a colorful array of multi-sized Post-Its . While this is the best way to start tracking work of an Agile team, it becomes evermore challenging when working with multiple teams and teams that are located around the world.


Hyperdrive offers expertise on supporting VersionOne for Agile organizations to include the Portfolio to the team level. Bratton will help create new views and reports to help get your Agile team tracking its progress using VersionOne.

VersionOne is a recognized leader and visionary in agile lifecycle management software and services. Our mission is to help companies envision and deliver great software. Our promise is to promote and serve the best interests of the agile software development community with genuine respect and humility. Every single day, we work hard to make a difference both in our community and with our customers. Today, more than 50,000 teams at 1,000 companies, including 37 of the Fortune 100, use our solutions to help them scale their agile initiatives faster, easier and smarter.

Whether a small team just starting out with agile or a global enterprise scaling agile, VersionOne customers get the best solutions in the industry backed by the pioneers in agile lifecycle management. VersionOne has offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


The Hyperdrive team are experts at customizing and configuring JIRA for Agile teams. In addition to JIRA configuration, our team can help create new workflows, reports, and dashboards to help get your Agile team tracking its progress. Looking to integrate with your existing Rally tool, we can help build your custom integration so that you can use both Rally and Jira together according to your workflow.

JIRA, an Atlassian tool, is designed to capture and organize your issues, prioritize and take action on what’s important, and stay up-to-date with the activity going on around you. It’s often used by engineering teams to track defects and issues and is often integrated with an add-on called Greenhopper also build by Atlassian. Add GreenHopper to simplify planning and reporting when using Scrum or Kanban. Manage your backlog and plan sprints.

Visualize your process and optimize flow using principles of Lean Development. Atlassian products help innovators everywhere plan, build and launch great software. More than 23,000 large and small organizations – including Citigroup, eBay, Netflix and Nike – use Atlassian’s issue tracking, collaboration and software-development products to work smarter and deliver quality results on time.