Welcome to the Hyperdrive Agile resources page. Following are some links that may prove useful in your Agile journey.

Agile 2017 Keynote

Listen to David Marquet’s keynote talk from Agile 2017, “Leadership at Every Level.” Learn how Captain Marquet turned the worst performing ship in the US Navy to receive the highest rating in naval history using Intent-based Leadership.

Sketchnote: David Marquet — Leadership at Every Level

Agile 2016 Keynote

Listen to Jurgen’s keynote from Agile 2016 where he highlights that happy workers are more productive workers. And it’s best when managers enjoy their jobs as well. Managing for Happiness is about concrete management advice for all workers.

Sketchnote: Jurgen Appelo — Managing for Happiness

A special thanks to Tamsen Mitchell, Agile Coach for creating these beautiful sketchnotes. For more information on learning how to sketchnote, reach out to Tamsen through her LinkedIn profile!